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Flyboard® World Cup 2018
22 May at 11:12
Flyboard® World Cup 2018 World Flyboard® Championships will take place at Cavalaire-Sur-Mer, one of the World’s favorite playgrounds for Flyboard® riders ! Come and join us in Cavalaire-Sur-Mer to watch riders competing in duo in a freestyle competition ! It will also be the occasion to discover our crazy latest water product, the Flyride, and test it !
Flyboard 2016 Championship
10 October 2016
Naples (Florida, USA) Flyboard 2016 Championship. First place Suksan Tongthai, second Steve Palma and third Damone Rippy. Our athlete from Estonia took the 24th place.
New Russia record
10 October 2016
New record from Russia, 25 flyboard riderd simultaneously fly. World record is 58 flybord riders. New record raised in the Bay of Gelendzhik. One of the organizers of the event "Flyboard Weekend Final 2016 Gelendzhik" our sportsman Eduard Kanevski!
Second Flyboard weekend Russia! (Flyboard Weekend Final 2016)
23 September 2016
Flyboard® World Cup Championship 2016
19 August 2016
May the pre-selection for the Flyboard® World Cup Championship begins!
Flyboard Riga
18 August 2016
3 August 2016
Zapata Industries – Future of Jet Technology Flyboard® is a registered trademark of Zapata Industries   Zapata Industries is recognized by their ability to make smaller, lighter, more efficient, scalable, and innovative products that have come to define excellence in personal flight systems. Zapata Industries will revolutionize the military, medical, and industrial sectors with ...
12 July 2016
“Fun for everyone” The Water Flight Device Flyboard® Sport is a more accessible version of Flyboard® Pro Series. With this new model, you will benefit from the entirely revisited design of the Pro Series and the many innovations, at a more affordable price. The board is fixed like the Legend Flyboard®. This product is ideal for rental business as well as casual users. Like ...
European Championship Flyboard 2016 results
16 June 2016
European Championship Flyboard 2016 results:
Live from Flyboard European Campionship
10 June 2016
Live from Flyboard European Campionship here or here

The season 2018 will open in June


Flight to FLYBOARD® / HOVERBOARD by ZR® with Instructors
Places flights on FLYBOARD® / HOVERBOARD by ZR®
Narva, Narva-Jõesuu, Tallinn more info.
Flying a hoverboard possible only in Narva-Jõesuu and Tallinn (Pirita).

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Never stop dreaming
27 May 2015

Today Zapara Racing introduced new 2015 product, JET PACK by ZR®, futuristic design, new materials and features to make your summer the coolest ever! 

Recall that recently introduced a new Flyboard

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Airboard prototype
26 May 2015

It's time to new inventions by Zapata Racing, Franky Zapata is already testing airboard prototype. The bigest issue was the flight time, now it corrects.

We are waiting for a new board!

Plastic in Flyboard
25 May 2015

Franky Zapata shows how durable plastic used in Flyboard.

All products Zapata Racing, you can buy from us, prices are published on the site

Open season flights
22 May 2015

Today open season flights to Flaybord in Narva! Anyone who wants to see the flights and perform tricks can come to Narva quarry. (The exact coordinates on our website

Come and try it with Flaybord you can fly!!!

Get acquainted with our prices can be here

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We are in social networks
21 May 2015

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Flyboard Show
19 May 2015

Intrigue your event offers one of the most spectacular and unique show in the world of water. FlyBoard Show – is a completely new direction that will make your event unforgettable. We prepare unique projects, workshops and demonstrations for all the waters - the sea, river, swimming pool.

Our tricks and possibilities are: a beautiful flight over water flight out of the water, somersaults, flips in the air, diving dolphin, high diving ~ 7 - 10 meters, climbing to a height of 14ti meters and a rapid descent, and many other tricks (all tricks depend on the width and depth of the reservoir).

Our tricks and the whole show can be tailored to your requirements.

Show price 200 euros for 15 - 20 minutes. Plus costs depend on the place of Providence event


  • The minimum depth of 80 cm (depending on the tricks)

Contact us by phone +372 558 6766
or e-mail

Registered Athletes to FlyBoard the Cup of St. Petersburg
18 May 2015

Create a list of competitors for flyboard «Flyboard Open Cup «JetExtreme», which will be held in the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, May 30, 2015 in St. Petersburg.

We decided to extend until May 20 the deadline for applications for participation in the competition. Instructions can be found here:

We ask all members to pay dues to the prize pool that will be raffled off among the top athletes, to May 20, 2015.

Estonia in the competition "Flyboard Open Cup «JetExtreme» will present Eduard Kanevski from Narva.

Last day to register FlyBoard the Cup of St. Petersburg
15 May 2015

Today is the last day of submission of applications of participants.

If you decide to take part in the first Flyboard Cup competition in Russia, follow the instructions:

The story of Zapata Racing
13 May 2015

Franky Zapata - Professional Rider in Jet Ski and creator of new water-powered jet-pack called Flyboard. I started the jet in 1996, when I was 17 years old, by the smallest category, which is the original stand up Jet Ski, in France Championship

Now Zapata Racing it is Flyboard, Hoverboard and new Flyboard Pro Series 2015.