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FLYBOARD SHOW Request a Flyboard Show to your event!  Fantastic tricks and breathtaking show from FlyBoard Baltic.     Tel. +372 558 6766 E-post:
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FLYRIDE - this is the best and unforgettable gift!  * One child until 12y+1 adult ** One child older 12y + 1 adult or 2 adults   Tel. +372 558 6766 E-post:
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Flyboard® World Cup 2018
22 May at 11:12
Flyboard® World Cup 2018 World Flyboard® Championships will take place at Cavalaire-Sur-Mer, one of the World’s favorite playgrounds for Flyboard® riders ! Come and join us in Cavalaire-Sur-Mer to watch riders competing in duo in a freestyle competition ! It will also be the occasion to discover our crazy latest water product, the Flyride, and test it !
Flyboard 2016 Championship
10 October 2016
Naples (Florida, USA) Flyboard 2016 Championship. First place Suksan Tongthai, second Steve Palma and third Damone Rippy. Our athlete from Estonia took the 24th place.
New Russia record
10 October 2016
New record from Russia, 25 flyboard riderd simultaneously fly. World record is 58 flybord riders. New record raised in the Bay of Gelendzhik. One of the organizers of the event "Flyboard Weekend Final 2016 Gelendzhik" our sportsman Eduard Kanevski!
Second Flyboard weekend Russia! (Flyboard Weekend Final 2016)
23 September 2016
Flyboard® World Cup Championship 2016
19 August 2016
May the pre-selection for the Flyboard® World Cup Championship begins!
Flyboard Riga
18 August 2016

The season 2018 is open


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3 August 2016

Zapata Industries – Future of Jet Technology

Flyboard® is a registered trademark of Zapata Industries


Zapata Industries is recognized by their ability to make smaller, lighter, more efficient, scalable, and innovative products that have come to define excellence in personal flight systems. Zapata Industries will revolutionize the military, medical, and industrial sectors with autonomous flight capabilities. Their first concepts are for a Military Jet Bike, Military Air Stretcher and Military Air Cargo.

Jet Bike

Using the same technology applied with the Flyboard® Air, the Jet Bike will offer potential applications within the military, medical, and recreation sectors. Using Zapata’s proprietary balance methodology, algorithms, and patented design, our redundant systems will make the Jet Bike safer than a helicopter with more universal applications in various fields.

  • Zapata’s proprietary balance methodology, algorithms, and patented design.
  • Has potential uses within military, medical, and recreation sectors.
  • Patented redundancy systems makes it safer than a helicopter.

Air Stretcher

Using the same technology that powers the Zapata Industries’ Flyboard® Air, the Air Stretcher will offer unparalleled access for emergency applications to be used in military, medical, ski resort, and remote workspace removal. Using Zapata’s proprietary balance methodology, algorithms, and patented designs, the Air Stretcher will offer injured occupants the ability to remotely, and safely be removed from dangerous situations, and offer life-saving equipment within the Air Stretcher.

  • Unmanned medical and emergency aircraft.
  • Four-channel redundant system meaning it can still fly and land safely should one engine fail.
  • Zapata’s proprietary balance methodology, algorithms, and patented designs.
  • Fully equipped for medical emergencies.
  • Potential applications within military and remote work access sites.
  • Prototype to be completed in 2018.

Air Cargo

Using Zapata’s proprietary balance methodology, algorithms, patented designs and remote wireless capabilities, the Air Cargo platform has multiple uses in remote site drop-off and supply: such as war-torn areas where fast access to supplies can mean the difference between life or death. Without a physical operator, the Air Cargo system mitigates the risk to more lives by allowing the system to do the work of a traditional crew where access to a remote location with a faster response time is greater than traditionally allowed.

  • Unmanned delivery platform.
  • Powered by same technology pioneered by Flyboard® Air.
  • Full redundancy—safer than a helicopter.
  • Extremely practical for fast delivery in a remote location.
  • Can be used for military, medical, or equipment supply.

Air Platform

Saving time, money, and additional resources typically needed for commercial maintenance, the Zapata Industries’ Air Platform will allow industrial crews the ability to reach inaccessible, dangerous, and remote locations. Some examples of the demanding applications for the Air Platform include: wind turbines, offshore oil rigs, bridges, and remote buildings. With Zapata’s proprietary balance methodology, algorithms, and patented designs, the Air Platform would allow operators to focus on the maintenance in question without worrying about operating the craft.

  • Future of industrial maintenance with the ability to reach inaccessible locations.
  • Could support a crew of two people.
  • Full redundancy—safer than a helicopter.
  • Practical for wind turbine maintenance.

Zapata Industries is creating a brand new industry within the personal flight sector with their jet technology which was seen first in their Flyboard Air. Proprietary stability systems, enhanced maneuverability, bespoke algorithms, and advanced logic boards give them a huge competitive advantage. Other competitors are cumbersome, hampered by weight, unable to be scaled, and do not have full flight redundancy—making Zapata Industries Air products safer than a helicopter.

Zapata Industries remains the overwhelming market share leader in the Hydroflight industry but will now focus on jet-propelled machines with their Air Jet Crafts—continuing to build on the success of the Flyboard Air. Zapata’s stabilization expertise, patented computer code, proprietary balance methodology, and quick-to-market products offer flight solutions that others cannot match. Plus, our lightweight design (44 pounds for the Flyboard® Air) allow our products to be transported without special equipment, giving Zapata an insurmountable edge.

Zapata’s ability to commercialize new technology, re-energize the $500 million+ personal water craft industry, and disrupt the commercial flight industry, has Zapata poised to become the leader in personal aviation.

Zapata Industries – Air

  • Most stable and intuitive air board on the market with our proprietary ‘Independent Propulsion Unit,’ balance methodology, algorithms, and patented designs for better stability and flight control.
  • Lightest and most convenient products in the industry—only weighing 44 lbs—the Flyboard Air can easily be carried and transported.
  • Only air board that has full redundancy and Zapata’s balance methodology, meaning if one engine fails it can still be safely landed, making it safer than an airplane or helicopter.
  • Innovative technology that will redefine the air transport industry.

Zapata Industries – Water

  • Created and commercialized the concept of hydroflight with the Flyboard.
  • Most diversified portfolio of hydroflight products that attach to the back of a personal water craft (PWC).
  • Using Zapata’s balance methodology, we are the leader in self-leveling hydroflight products, which anyone can use.
  • Massive online community, entertainment shows, and distribution network that reaches millions of people.



The second version of the Hoverboard is in its prototype stage on track for a 2017 preview. The updated technology such as the gyroscopic leveling system will allow casual riders the ability to be able to perform on a similar level as advanced riders and extreme sport athletes. The Hoverboard 2.0 will usher in a new standard for advanced watersports.

Prototype completed and in development for 2017 preview.
Second iteration of the Hoverboard.
First model was meant for advanced riders and extreme sport athletes.
The gyroscopic leveling system included in the Hoverboard 2.0 will give riders of all skill levels greater competency.



The Podracer will be the testing grounds for future, hose-less Zapata Industries’ Air Jet Craft technology. With a completed prototype and development on track for a 2017 preview, the Podracer’s advanced seating position will give users the sensation of a flying jet bike, also giving the rider more confidence and proficiency at handling and maneuverability.

Prototype completed and in development for 2017 preview.
Precursor of the Flying Jet Bike.
Gives the user the sensation of a flying jet bike.
Advanced seating, which is less demanding on the rider’s balance and endurance.
Most powerful and advanced hydro-flyer to date.

12 July 2016

“Fun for everyone”

The Water Flight Device Flyboard® Sport is a more accessible version of Flyboard® Pro Series. With this new model, you will benefit from the entirely revisited design of the Pro Series and the many innovations, at a more affordable price. The board is fixed like the Legend Flyboard®. This product is ideal for rental business as well as casual users. Like all our products, we put special attention to the resistance and strengthening of parts.


The Flyboard Sport kit:

> 1 pair of bindings

> 1 rotation system equipped with specific bearings

> 1 supply hose (different types/lengths of hose available)

> 1 U pipe which reverses the PWC water outlet

> 1 quick clip for an easy uncoupling between the Flyboard® Sport and the PWC



Hydrodynamic efficiency improved by 32%

35% lighter than Flyboard®

Diameter, orientation and angle of the nozzles adjustable forward or backwards to optimize the use and compatibility with the PWC power

Larger and more stable foot plate

Futuristic design with a transparent hydraulic system allowing users to see the water flow

Turbine interface equipped with a Venturi effect (system allowing an evacuation of the water while using the Flyboard®)

European Championship Flyboard 2016 results
16 June 2016

European Championship Flyboard 2016 results:

18 May 2016

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Flyboard® European Championship
16 May 2016

Cavlaire-sur-Mer city will welcome the first european competition on the 11th and 12th of June. Vincent Lagaf’ will be our ambassador.

Enrolments to the Flyboard® European Championship are now open :

Guide Location 2016

Will be retained the first 35 Pro, 10 Woman and 10 Veterans.
Please do not send any incomplete registration form as it won’t be processed.
Send your compete form to

Confirmed: Franky Zapata sets new Farthest hoverboard flight record in France
2 May 2016

Franky Zapata today set a new a new Guinness World Record title for the farthest hoverboard flight during a spectacular attempt off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins in the south of France.

The French jet ski champion managed a new benchmark distance of 2,252 meters (7,388 feet), far surpassing the previous record of 275.9 meters (905 feet, 2 inches), set last year by Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru.

Rising 50 metres above the surface for the attempt and trailed by a fleet of boats and jet skis, Franky, 37, piloted a futuristic aircraft called the Flyboard Air developed by his company Zapata Racing.

The aircraft can reach a claimed maximum height of 10,000 feet, with a maximum speed of 150 kilometers per hour (93 miles per hour).

On hand to officiate this morning’s record attempt was Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Grenache, who confirmed that the hoverboard complied with the rules of the record and had reached an historic distance.

Speaking at a press conference following the successful attempt, a delighted Franky told reporters: ”This has really been a life's work”.

In the run up to the attempt, a short video of a test flight of the Flyboard Air went viral, amassing over 3 million view on YouTube, with many viewers leaving comments doubting if the hoverboard was actually real.

Zapata Racing has previously developed a wide range of water-propelled devices including the original Flyboard - a vehicle which connects to a personal watercraft turbine with a long hose.

The Flyboard Air uses an "Independent Propulsion Unit" to fly hose-free and can stay airborne for up to ten minutes.

Franky had previously set held the record for Most backflips with a water jet pack in one minute during an attempt for the CBBC TV show ’Officially Amazing' at L'Estaque in Marseille, France back in 2014.

His record of 26 was beaten last August by Liu He of China in Beijing, who managed 27 flips.

28 April 2016

ZAPATA RACING will attempt to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ of the Farthest flight by hoverboard with the IPU Flyboard® Air.

After releasing the sensational video on Youtube and Facebook that amassed millions of views, Franky Zapata will attempt to break the Guinness World Records title at Sausset-Les-Pins (south of France) on the 30th April 2016 at 11:30 am.

With his IPU Flyboard® Air the goal will be to cover a distance of at least 2,000m with an average speed of 50-60km/h over Sausset-Les-Pins (south of France) sea shore at 11h30 am