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Flyboard® World Cup 2018
22 May at 11:12
Flyboard® World Cup 2018 World Flyboard® Championships will take place at Cavalaire-Sur-Mer, one of the World’s favorite playgrounds for Flyboard® riders ! Come and join us in Cavalaire-Sur-Mer to watch riders competing in duo in a freestyle competition ! It will also be the occasion to discover our crazy latest water product, the Flyride, and test it !
Flyboard 2016 Championship
10 October 2016
Naples (Florida, USA) Flyboard 2016 Championship. First place Suksan Tongthai, second Steve Palma and third Damone Rippy. Our athlete from Estonia took the 24th place.
New Russia record
10 October 2016
New record from Russia, 25 flyboard riderd simultaneously fly. World record is 58 flybord riders. New record raised in the Bay of Gelendzhik. One of the organizers of the event "Flyboard Weekend Final 2016 Gelendzhik" our sportsman Eduard Kanevski!
Second Flyboard weekend Russia! (Flyboard Weekend Final 2016)
23 September 2016
Flyboard® World Cup Championship 2016
19 August 2016
May the pre-selection for the Flyboard® World Cup Championship begins!
Flyboard Riga
18 August 2016
3 August 2016
Zapata Industries – Future of Jet Technology Flyboard® is a registered trademark of Zapata Industries   Zapata Industries is recognized by their ability to make smaller, lighter, more efficient, scalable, and innovative products that have come to define excellence in personal flight systems. Zapata Industries will revolutionize the military, medical, and industrial sectors with ...
12 July 2016
“Fun for everyone” The Water Flight Device Flyboard® Sport is a more accessible version of Flyboard® Pro Series. With this new model, you will benefit from the entirely revisited design of the Pro Series and the many innovations, at a more affordable price. The board is fixed like the Legend Flyboard®. This product is ideal for rental business as well as casual users. Like ...
European Championship Flyboard 2016 results
16 June 2016
European Championship Flyboard 2016 results:
Live from Flyboard European Campionship
10 June 2016
Live from Flyboard European Campionship here or here

The season 2018 will open in June


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How does FlyBoard
12 May 2015

How does FlyBoard

The 2015 Flyboard Pro Series
11 May 2015

The 2015 Flyboard Pro Series looks poised to take Hydroflight sports to the next level. From the mind of Zapata Racing CEO Franky Zapata his newest Flyboard has been designed and engineered by The Air Bus Company of Europe and is constructed using products typically found in Race Cars, Military Jets and in the Aviation Industry. The composition of the materials used have special properties that make it lighter and stronger than its metal counterparts.

The new 2015 Flyboard Pro Series has some awesome features and the energy around the release of this board is serious. Demand is high so you’ll want to get your orders in immediately. Contact your local distributor for information. Kits run around $5000 with the 2015 Flyboard Add On around $2,900. With this new addition the Flyboard Legend (name given to 2014 model) will see a price reduction and likely become a great option for many new Hydrosport enthusiasts.

Flyboard Pro Series Features

Futuristic Design… definitely. The 2015 Flyboard takes everything about the Legend to the next level.

Friends in high places. Looks like Zapata Racing’s military connections have contributed materials that allow for lighter and stronger to become a reality.

Flyboard Pro Series Vented Deck Plate is lighter weight while allowing water to flow freely through the board. More info on the advantages to come?

2015 Flyboard unleashes it’s version of independent feet going with spring loaded sides that allow flyers to execute quick spins or rotations while maintaining complete control.

Flyboard Pro Series has adjustable nozzles and this is why the first Flyboard front flip might now be possible. H2RO saw video of Franky Zapata coming much closer to landing a Flyboard front flip many months ago and it was noted that the spray seemed to be ‘different’ in the video. Now we see what that was and I’m sure it’s going to open up Pro Flyboarders imaginations to an array of never-before-seen tricks. H2RO also believes that the angle might be adjustable from a button on the new ZR wireless EMK but we need to learn more and confirm.

Again taking the equipment to new levels of efficiency, Zapata Racing delivers adjustable nozzle rings on the 2015 Flyboard Pro Series for pressure control to adapt to the horsepower of the PWC.

Flyboard Pro Series Kits

H2RO will add descriptions to explain the benefits of using the various hoses. Why do we have the standard, X-Power and X-Armor hoses and how do they differ. Coming very soon.

2015 Flyboard Pro Series with Standard Hose

2015 Flyboard Pro Series with X-Power Hose

2015 Flyboard Pro Series with X-Armor Hose

8 May 2015

This is the FINAL opportunity to register and you MUST email with your name and contact info before 9am PST on Monday morning. We really want you to have a chance to participate in this awesome event but anyone missing this extension will not be competing in Louisiana. If you have any questions regarding the event please direct them to that email address and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

8 May 2015

The organizers of 2015 NORTH AMERICAN FLYBOARD CHAMPIONSHIP published the list of athletes that will take part in the championship.

2015 Zapata Racing FlyBoard tricks and values
6 May 2015

Registration is now closed for the championship. We publish a list of tricks and how many points you can get for a particular trick on North American FlyBoard Championship.

More informations on the site

Preparing for FlyBoard the Cup of St. Petersburg
4 May 2015

The organizers of the Cup made a measured depth sounder in the Park adjacent to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

Detected 100x100 square meters, within which will be held competitions FlyBoard, as well as demonstrations of professionals fliboards riders.

In the photo is clearly visible sandbar that stretches along the coast. At the edge of the flat, at a depth of 2.5 meters, it is a steep cliff to a depth of 5 meters. Further, the depth is stable.

Professional skateboarder tries Hoverboard
29 April 2015

Today Tony Hawk, the man who 14 years became a professional skateboarder tried his hand as ride Hoverboard.

"I never planned to have a second career as the "Hoverboard Guy" but... This thing is seriously fun & kinda scary." - writes in the twitter Tony Hawk.

Recall that might fly on a Hoverboard in Narva-Joesuu and Tallinn (Pirita), You can book a flight on our website

North American FlyBoard Championship to be held, June 4-6
28 April 2015

Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau announces details of competition featuring more than 70 athletes from 13 countries and $30,000 in cash prizes.

The 2015 North American FlyBoard Championship will be held, June 4-6, on the Red River in downtown Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana. During the three-day event, more than 70 of the world's best FlyBoarders will compete for $30,000 in cash prizes. This will be the second FlyBoard Championship held in North America and the first ever held in the United States. Previous FlyBoard Championships have been held in Toronto, Dubai and Qatar.

The event is free for spectators to attend. Spectator viewing areas will be located along the riverfront at the Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets in Bossier City.

For more information, visit

Things to book a flight to 05.01.2015 at a low price!
24 April 2015

Cost flights Flybord when ordering before 01.05.2015:

  • 10 minutes - 30 EUR
  • 15 minutes - 35 EUR
  • 20 minutes - 45 EUR
  • 30 minutes - 55 EUR
  • 45 minutes - 75 EUR
  • 60 minutes - 90 EUR


Flights to Flybord implemented in Narva, Narva-Jõesuu, Tallinn (Pirita).

Booking a flight, it is possible through the order form on the site - or by calling +372 558 6766.

BREITLING FLYBOARD FAMILY June 13th and 14th 2015
22 April 2015

BREITLING FLYBOARD FAMILY June 13th and 14th 2015 – Registration is now open!

Breitling Flyboard Family: Greatest gathering of Flyboard® and Hoverboard by ZR®

The city of Cavalaire sur mer (South of France) and Zapata Racing are happy to invite you to participate in the Breitling Flyboard Family event which will be held in June 13th and 14th 2015. A record of 49 participants was set in the USA in 2014. Our objective: gathering more than 100 Flyboard® and Hoverboard by ZR® lovers in water at the same time!

Saturday, June 13th: reception of participants at 04:00 pm and concert in the evening
Sunday, June 14th: lunch and record attempt at 03:00 pm

If you also want to take the challenge and enter in the record books, join the Flyboard® event of this year 2015!

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