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The 2015 Flyboard Pro Series

The 2015 Flyboard Pro Series looks poised to take Hydroflight sports to the next level. From the mind of Zapata Racing CEO Franky Zapata his newest Flyboard has been designed and engineered by The Air Bus Company of Europe and is constructed using products typically found in Race Cars, Military Jets and in the Aviation Industry. The composition of the materials used have special properties that make it lighter and stronger than its metal counterparts.

The new 2015 Flyboard Pro Series has some awesome features and the energy around the release of this board is serious. Demand is high so you’ll want to get your orders in immediately. Contact your local distributor for information. Kits run around $5000 with the 2015 Flyboard Add On around $2,900. With this new addition the Flyboard Legend (name given to 2014 model) will see a price reduction and likely become a great option for many new Hydrosport enthusiasts.

Flyboard Pro Series Features

Futuristic Design… definitely. The 2015 Flyboard takes everything about the Legend to the next level.

Friends in high places. Looks like Zapata Racing’s military connections have contributed materials that allow for lighter and stronger to become a reality.

Flyboard Pro Series Vented Deck Plate is lighter weight while allowing water to flow freely through the board. More info on the advantages to come?

2015 Flyboard unleashes it’s version of independent feet going with spring loaded sides that allow flyers to execute quick spins or rotations while maintaining complete control.

Flyboard Pro Series has adjustable nozzles and this is why the first Flyboard front flip might now be possible. H2RO saw video of Franky Zapata coming much closer to landing a Flyboard front flip many months ago and it was noted that the spray seemed to be ‘different’ in the video. Now we see what that was and I’m sure it’s going to open up Pro Flyboarders imaginations to an array of never-before-seen tricks. H2RO also believes that the angle might be adjustable from a button on the new ZR wireless EMK but we need to learn more and confirm.

Again taking the equipment to new levels of efficiency, Zapata Racing delivers adjustable nozzle rings on the 2015 Flyboard Pro Series for pressure control to adapt to the horsepower of the PWC.

Flyboard Pro Series Kits

H2RO will add descriptions to explain the benefits of using the various hoses. Why do we have the standard, X-Power and X-Armor hoses and how do they differ. Coming very soon.

2015 Flyboard Pro Series with Standard Hose

2015 Flyboard Pro Series with X-Power Hose

2015 Flyboard Pro Series with X-Armor Hose

11 May 2015

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