FlyBoard Baltic - Man from Narva acquaints Estonia a FlyBoard
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Man from Narva acquaints Estonia a FlyBoard

Young man from the Narva Eduard Kanevski met with FlyBoard over a year ago, and now he already has his disciples, and he travels to Estonia, to introduce this extreme sport everyone.

First Eduard his features that really amazing. Above the water you can climb the 14 meters and 12 meters is quite a normal height.

It flies over the water like Superman, like a dolphin dives and climbs out of the water like a rocket - this is the FlyBoard slogan. Kanevski FlyBoard engaged in more than a year ago and now just that and is engaged.

"Learners at me now a little bit from all over Estonia four. Equipment is pretty expensive, but if two or three chip, will purchase a set and relax together", said Kanevski.

7 May 2015

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