FlyBoard Baltic - At Narva quarry passed Flyboard Show
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At Narva quarry passed Flyboard Show

On Saturday, on the Narva career held a demonstration by members of the new extreme sport FlyBoard.

The name of the sport comes from two English words «fly» and «board», but fans of the "fun" does not have to fall from a great height, or float in the air in a special suit. FlyBoard riders perform breathtaking stunts in the water.

Despite the name, a device for FlyBoard not technically a board. It consists of a pair of water jet boot and hand stabilizers which are connected to the watercraft by a flexible hose through which the water jet is supplied to flyboard. FlyBoard rider moves by controlling emission power water jets, and can soar very high, at the same time By doing various tricks. Two hand-held stabilizer FlyBoard rider help control your flight. When the water comes to an end, FlyBoard with riders back into the water and takes off again with a powerful water jet.

Flaybord was invented aquabike champion, a Frenchman Frank Zapata, in 2011, the year. This sport has gained popularity so quickly that a year later, in Qatar, hosted the first flyboard world championship.

The athletes in our region, extreme, of course, keep up with fashion "trends". Witnesses then, last Saturday were numerous spectators gathered at Narva career, to witness demonstrations of Narva flyboard rider Eduard Kaneski.

8 May 2011

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